The Houses
What is a Floating Home?
The terms houseboat and floating home are often used interchangeably, but strictly speaking, a houseboat is a boat, usually with an engine, and a floating home is a house on a barge without self-propulsion. Boats are generally termed as Live-aboards, and houses as Floating Homes.
Do they rock?
Coal Harbour marina is a Class ‘A’ marina which means it is designed to protect against most wave and wake action, so there is no significant movement. There is, however, often a very gentle rocking movement that reminds you that you are on the water.
How many Floating homes are in Vancouver?
In the City of Vancouver there are eighteen. Six in Coal Harbour Marina and twelve in False Creek, in the Sea Village Float Home Community. There are more along the Fraser River in suburban Lower Mainland municipalities.
What does it cost?
Mortgages have higher interest rates than for houses on land, and owners pay property tax in the form of a live-aboard licence to the city, as well as a substantial moorage fee to the marina. But despite the expense, the vacancy rate is zero, and many residents claim to be settled here for life.
What are the Zoning regulations?
Specific guidelines for the Floating Homes at this location are provided in the City of Vancouver Marina Neighbourhood CD-1 Guidelines adopted October 19, 1993.
Can I buy one of these houses?
The last two houses to change hands were sold by Real Estate agent David Palmer of Macdonald Realty, www.davidpalmerrealestate.com.
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