The Houses
The Floating Homes of Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada.

A view of the water is a premium asset in Vancouver, but these days that view doesn't always come from land. Just on the edge of downtown is a marina housing floating homes where residents have a panoramic view of the mountains, waterfront and harbour. This is the Coal Harbour Floating Community, living within the view.

Coal Harbour Marina is Vancouver’s premier provider of salt-water moorage; centrally located in the heart of downtown. Residents are offered a superior range of amenities and security in one of the most spectacular harbours in the world. Interspersed among the multi-million dollar yachts, the six Floating Homes are perhaps the best located homes in Vancouver.

FloatingThroughLife.com the Floating Homes of Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada. Located at 1525 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, V6G 3E7