A Creative Reset

Sometimes it is best to take time out and reset yourself. I find the world can be cluttered with so many objects and people, that a blank space is the only thing that eases it. It isn’t a case of sitting in a darkened room with no sensory stimuli it's being with nature and having simplicity. To do lists of things are extremely difficult to deal with and never-ending. I stopped watching soap opera's because I knew I would die before anyone saw the end, it would outlive me. I will never find out how my To Do List will end, it just goes on and on until I write the last task I'll never do. It gets to the point where you even sneakily remove an item that you know technically you haven’t done, but you’re sick of staring at it the entire time. No wonder politicians don't get anything done, they set out their agenda, things they want to achieve, and then as the years go on more things get in the way from wars to complaints, to people blocking ideas and in the end, nothing happens because they're too busy firefighting. Life is a series of small fires they go on forever you put them out and then they are starting up again. On occasion, there is a big blaze, and that is not as bad as you think it’s going to be, the little fires are always the problem because they are the small, the mundane and the repetitive.

You spend your whole life buying things, worrying about things and ultimately looking for them. If you hadn’t bought so much, you would be able to find stuff that is now buried under the previous items you already bought. You bring things into your life to then instantly regret it and spend years trying to get rid of it again, and that goes for objects and even people. We look for things outside ourselves to satisfy us, and they mostly don't, they just provide something to trip over. When you live simply, you realize how little you really need, that’s why people like to go on caravanning holidays, you have to manage in a small space with very little, it's fun, and you don’t have to walk very far. Even in our own homes the more walls you build the further from nature you get.

Find a way to take time apart from your home, and all the things are cluttering your mind, hopefully, in doing so, you are then able to see what you really need to survive or else calibrate what has long since been knocked off kilter. Having a rest to potter about, do things you enjoy and even to catch up on work can be refreshing and healing, sitting in a forest can help you see the wood for the trees and get you back to your true self.

One of the problems with my sensory processing difficulties is that I find visual clutter challenging to process, this could be the movement of people or just a pile of objects in a room. I need the symmetry of nature and the uncrowded vista of the natural world, the rolling hills of the countryside, the open space of fields or the beautiful simplicity of snow or the ocean. Find your uncluttered landscape.

Louise Croombs